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Client: ThirtyThree for Reckitt Benckiser



To brand the elevators in RB's office buildings ahead of an internal launch the following day.




As the branding was to be applied to lift doors, we needed to provide a product that was damage free but still robust enough to stay in place during the constant opening and closing of the doors. We decided to use our fabric media PHLEX because its unique paste-free adhesive makes it perfect for long term damage free applications. PHLEX can stick to any surface and can be removed without leaving any sticky residue. It does not tear and can be ready to re-use and re-apply straight away. PHLEX can be placed on any non-porous flat surface and be used for indoor and outdoor applications. 


The installation took place over night, so the next day the staff at Reckitt Benckiser were welcomed by the below...


"They loved it! Steve did a great job installing so please thank him for us" Project Manager, ThirtyThree