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09/03/17    Think Ambient Newsletter - EasyWipe Whiteboards revolutionising hospital wards


*New* EasyWipe Whiteboards to revolutionise hospital wards!


The NHS Dudley Group came to us requiring a material that was easy to apply, easy to remove and damage free. It also had to meet essential specifications due to it being placed on wards, these were....


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16/09/16    Think Ambient Newsletter - Short term POS branding solutions for Halloween


Spook up your POS displays this Halloween with CLINGZ!


Cast a spell on consumers and get some killer sales by creating some eye-catching POS advertising with CLINGZ this Halloween. Halloween is the UK’s third largest significant spending festival...


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16/08/2016     Think Ambient Newsletter - How could our lesser known products benefit you?


STX - Add an extra dimension to your next campaign


STX is a self adhesive vinyl with a low tack removable adhesive, specially designed for variable data printing. It holds a major advantage over...


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09/08/2016     Think Ambient Newsletter - A 'Quick Spruce' and a Brilliant Idea


Ruby Sky Events 'pop-up' with a brilliant idea!


Ruby Sky Events, in collaboration with KTD Surveying, came up with the brilliant idea of filling one of the many empty stores in their local town with a pop-up shop showcasing the work of local artists and craftspeople. After securing a 6 week licence...


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26/07/2016     Think Ambient Newsletter - Time Investments & MARVELous SAV

Time Investments Case Study


As you probably already know, here at Think Ambient, we like to keep you up to date with our latest collaborations in the hope that they might inspire you for your next big project. On that note, our most recent partnership saw us...


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 21/07/2016     Blog - Think Ambient Guide to Perfect In-Store Marketing



At Think Ambient we aim to not only offer market leading customer service but also unparalleled market insight so that our customers can get truly unique value from using our services. That's why we recently invested in the 2014 Mass Merchant Shopper Engagement Study from POPAI.


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19/07/2016     Think Ambient Newsletter - Creative Solutions That Stand Out


Glow In The Dark, Climbing CLINGZ and many more... 


At Think Ambient we combine an encyclopedic knowledge of unique printable materials with an in-depth knowledge of print processes to come up with innovative solutions that most people will tell you aren't possible.


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02/07/2016     Think Ambient Newsletter - Augmented Reality and Versatile Damage Free Graphics


 Augmented RealityAugmented Reality - The Next Big Thing for Print Marketing?


Augmented reality is a live view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (supplemented) by a computer generated sensory input such as videos or graphics. 


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 17/06/2016     Latest Blog Post - How to Make Sure your Next Print Campaign is a Success 

It’s well known that in order for any marketing campaign to be a success it must be concise, well designed and targeted at a clearly segmented demographic group. That’s why at Think Ambient we’re not looking to re-create existing content, already available from a wide variety of sources across the internet.


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31/05/2016     Think Ambient Newsletter - Request a consultation, maximise your impact


Why request a free Think Ambient consultation? 


Put simply, we are THE EXPERTS in damage free solutions. When it comes to branding advice on unique, easy to apply materials there is no better place to look.



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24/05/2016     Think Ambient Newsletter - Request our Samples, Improve your Engagement


Free SamplesWhy would our unique samples benefit you?


In a nutshell, our products are easy to applyeasy to remove and completely damage free.  From painted walls to metal or brick: you name it, we've got the solution that sticks to it.


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